Double-wall construction

Brief explanation by a residential construction contractor

Double-wall construction can be a great upgrade when it comes to the building an energy efficient home. This is due to the double layers of interior framing used in creating the wall. This improves the integrity and some of its abilities.There are many advantages to this type of residential structure. Here are some of them provided by an expert residential construction contractor.

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Double-wall building consists of interior framing, OSB sheeting, exterior house wrap and fiber cement or vinyl lap siding. This results in a wall which has improved abilities compared to the standard single-wall style. These improved abilities are what gives this type of building some of its benefits. Benefits which make it highly recommended by many a residential construction contractor.

  • Benefits of this type

The benefits of this type of residential structure are several. The primary advantage is its high structural integrity and great energy performance. This makes any house or apartment build using this technique cost-effective and economic in terms of electricity and heating bills. This allows the homeowner to save a lot of money both in the summer and in the winter. Another advantage of this type of residential structure is the excellent reduction in noise and air/vapor. This makes it a great choice in areas where there is much external noise. In addition, it is ideal for maintaining a uniform temperature throughout the property.

Double-wall construction offers many benefits to the homeowners. These range from economic ones such as reduced energy costs to noise reduction. This type of building also bolsters improved structural integrity due to the two layers of interior framing. To ensure the best results for your home, contact a professional residential construction contractor. An example of one such company is Simmons Construction Services in Marshall, TX.


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