Who Are We and How Can the Services Provided by Our Team Be Beneficial for You

Why Hire a Devoted and Committed Construction Company Like Us?

We will take the opportunity that this is our first post to introduce you to the team of Simmons Construction Services and the services we do. We hope that reading the following information will help you understand how beneficial we can be for you and your family!

We are an innovative construction company that always strives to think outside of the box and challenge the norm. We have been constructing residential and commercial properties, storm shelters, bunkers and buildings with low operating costs for many years. Our top priority is to provide our clients with all the helpful solutions they need.

Having a reliable and durable roof over your head is one of the most important things, so we spare no effort in our work. As a fully qualified construction company, we have experience with all kinds of projects throughout Marshall, TX and the surrounding areas. Our team is renowned all over the region for our nearly impenetrable homes and highly professional approach to each new assignment.

We realize that we have the important responsibility of creating a durable structure for each client, and we are well aware that protecting and preserving life is more precious than ease of business. If you have been looking for a reliable construction contractor in town with a lot to offer, give us a call at (903) 200-1568! Our experts will introduce you to our services and tell you more about our custom building options you will have if you hire our team!


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